C aring
A dvising
R eassuring
E ncouraging & Enabling you and your family to get off to a great start!

“Loving Hands arrived at the perfect time in our lives. We had a two year old daughter, no family in town, with twin daughters on the way. Loving Hands provided us with many, many overnights so we could get some rest as well as many, many daytime shifts. Loving Hands helped us get rest, take care of our children, did laundry, and helped us with meal preparation. Loving Hands has helped make our life easier.”

-Mother of twins and older sibling from Mequon

Loving Hands, LLC was founded by Karin Jones , a graduate of Marquette University ’s School of Nursing . Karin and her team of professional postpartum caregivers have provided services to over 50 families and have had experience with physically challenged and healthy newborns. Loving Hands has cared for mothers of 1, 2 and 3 babies and has also provided services to adoptive mothers. We have worked with first time parents as well as families with up to 6 other children.

Loving Hands, LLC . Karin Jones . Karin@LovingHandsLLC.com . 414-870-6231