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“I have used other services in the past and Loving Hands stands head and shoulders above the rest. Karin is an expert in her field and the attention she pays to mother and baby is invaluable.”

“ Karin Jones and the Loving Hands staff were a lifesaver to me after the birth of my son. I have the utmost confidence in Karin and her staff when it comes to the care of my son”

-First time mom from Fox Point

“Upon the birth of our third child, we started using Loving Hands services for our infant and two older children. Two years later, we still use the service at home and when traveling. All of the Loving Hands caregivers are professional, kind, helpful, and caring. Our main caregiver has become an extension of our family. As a parent, it is nice to get a break…mostly to get some sleep with a newborn, but also to be able to leave our children in qualified “Loving Hands”.

-Mother of three from Whitefish Bay

“The Milwaukee area is fortunate to have a service like Loving Hands. Each professional at Loving Hands was thorough and thoughtful. We couldn’t have been more satisfied.”

-Mother of three from Mequon

“We could not have gotten through the first few months of our twins lives without the services of Loving Hands. Loving Hands has consistently given our babies the highest level of love and nurturing, while continuously educating us as parents. Loving Hands has allowed us to be 100% comfortable with the care they give, not only to the babies, but to our entire family.”

-Mother of twins and older sibling from WFB

“I am a mother of two and used Loving Hands after both of my children were born. It was a life-saver; the caregivers stayed up at night to take care of my baby, knew exactly what to do in any situation and left me detailed notes as to what happened while they were at my home. They are experienced, professional, knowledgeable and capable, as well as being nice, friendly and great people.”

-Mother of two from Mequon

“I felt great comfort in leaving my baby in “Loving Hands”. Their interactions with my baby were so nurturing and soothing, that I knew he was being loved and care for as if he were in my hands.”

-First time mom from WFB

“Loving Hands has consistently shown dedication beyond duty and tremendous care and concern for our newborn. Loving Hands is a service that is well-managed, and I would encourage any family that needs some assistance to use them…I loved those twelve hour nights of sleep!”

-Mother of two from Fox Point

“Taking care of a toddler and newborn twins is an exhausting job. I don’t know how I could have managed without the help of Loving Hands. Having help at night during the first few months allowed me to parent during the day without being completely physically and mentally exhausted.”

-Mother of twins and old sibling from WFB

“I had the ‘baby blues’ with my first two children. My doctor told me that it usually gets worse with each child, so I was feeling anxious about having my third baby. I had Loving Hands come in for several nights and days for the first year. Because of the nurturing and professional care they provided I never had the baby blues.”

-Mother of three from Mequon

“It was a huge help to have a warm, wonderful caregiver to help me through the nights with my second child. I needed all the sleep I could get to chase around my toddler during the day. I had Loving Hands for a few nights every week until my baby was three months old, and I would look forward to those nights like a kid going to Disney World!”

-Mother of two from Milwaukee

“We have three kids and felt like confident parents…until we had our fourth child. Our daughter was very colicky and very difficult. Loving Hands was a great way for us to get some relief, made us very comfortable, and brought some peace of mind to all of us. It was a wonderful help!”

-Mother of four from Shorewood

“My experience with Loving Hands was very positive. As the mother of two, the extra help support, and wonderful calm that Loving Hands provided was invaluable. I continue to recommend them with confidence.”

-Mother of two from Mequon

“Loving Hands arrived at the perfect time in our lives. We had a two year old daughter, no family in town, with twin daughters on the way. Loving Hands provided us with many, many overnights so we could get some rest as well as many, many daytime shifts. Loving Hands helped us get rest, take care of our children, did laundry, and helped us with meal preparation. Loving Hands has helped make our life easier.”

-Mother of twins and older sibling from Mequon

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