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“It was a huge help to have a warm, wonderful caregiver to help me through the nights with my second child. I needed all the sleep I could get to chase around my toddler during the day. I had Loving Hands for a few nights every week until my baby was three months old, and I would look forward to those nights like a kid going to Disney World!”

-Mother of two from Milwaukee

Are you feeling overwhelmed coming home with your new baby?
Loving Hands is here to help!

As postpartum care providers, we provide non-medical physical and emotional support and household assistance after your baby’s birth. We can help with self-care recovery measures, give information on mother and baby care, and help you learn to care for and feed your baby. We will provide appropriate and non-judgmental support, information and practical assistance to new mothers and their families.

Choosing a Postpartum Caregiver
Your postpartum caregiver will be an important part of your life for a short time. It is important that you find someone with whom you feel completely comfortable. You will be considering not only skills and competency, but also personality and style. There is no charge for an interview, as it is our opportunity to explore whether we are a good match for each other.

We look forward to serving your family.

Karin Jones, President

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