C aring
A dvising
R eassuring
E ncouraging & Enabling you and your family to get off to a great start!

“My experience with Loving Hands was very positive. As the mother of two, the extra help support, and wonderful calm that Loving Hands provided was invaluable. I continue to recommend them with confidence.”

-Mother of two from Mequon

We believe what new families need most is nurture and gentle support. Our goal is to relieve the new mother of day to day responsibilities so that she is better rested and able to nurture and care for her baby. We do this by focusing on the mother’s needs and helping both parents to develop confidence in their parenting skills while demonstrating techniques in newborn care and feeding.

We think there are many good ways to care for babies, and we do not enforce our own personal parenting style or insist that you adhere to a specific school of thought with respect to your infant. We trust parents to make decisions for their babies, and will help you get the information you need to make wise choices.

Families with a new baby are particularly vulnerable, and it is always our goal to be helpful in a quiet, pleasant, appropriate and unobtrusive way. We are respectful of the traditions, culture, and values of our clients.

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